Dr Lauren Papa

an Artistic mind

The Dr. Lauren Papa Scholarship for Healthcare Students is a testament to the vision and dedication.

Driven by the belief that education is a cornerstone of progress in healthcare, the scholarship aims to empower and support the next generation of healthcare leaders. Named after Dr. Lauren Papa, the scholarship recognizes the importance of academic excellence, compassion, and a commitment to enhancing patient lives through healthcare expertise.

A passionate advocate for health education and wellness promotion, Dr. Papa actively engages in community outreach programs and workshops. She believes in equipping individuals with the knowledge to take charge of their well-being and make informed health choices.

The Dr. Lauren Papa Scholarship for Healthcare Students embodies the values that Dr. Lauren Papa holds dear – excellence, compassion, and a commitment to advancing healthcare. It seeks to inspire students who share these values to pursue their educational goals and contribute positively to the healthcare field. Join us in celebrating Dr. Lauren Papa’s legacy and the bright future of healthcare professionals dedicated to making a difference.

More About Lauren Papa


  • Mother of five, embracing the roles of caregiver, mentor, and supporter.
  • Grandmother of twin girls, relishing the joys of a new generation.
  • Raised on the vibrant shores of Long Island, New York, and embraced the sun-soaked landscapes of Southern California

My Journey!

  • Celebrated a milestone 40th birthday with the groundbreaking “Who’s Your Papa” concert.
  • Discovered a new passion for choreography, transforming stages into realms of expression.
  • Used her artistic endeavors to raise funds for St. Jude, supporting their mission of healing.
  • Found inspiration in St. Jude’s commitment to sharing research and fostering collaboration.
  • A life journey defined by embracing creativity, compassion, and making a positive impact.

Connect with Dr. Lauren Papa

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey into the intricate tapestry of gentrification and well-being. Through the lens of Dr. Lauren Papa’s expertise and insights, we invite you to explore the dynamic interplay between urban evolution and human health.


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